Connaissance scientifique et demande sociale
6ème forum de l'association française d'halieumétrie,
 24-26 June 2003, Montpellier

F. Laloë, Y. Shin

S.-M. Garcia
Fisheries research and fisheries management, interdependence and coevolution / Recherche halieutique et gestion des pêches, indépendance et co-évolution

R. Laë, J. M. Ecoutin  & J. Kantoussan
The use of biological indicators for monitoring fisheries exploitation :Application to man-made reservoirs in Mali

F. Laloë
Parameters estimates from various models as "sets of indicators" and " sets of indication" in a data driven approach

M. Léopold, J. Ferraris, P. Labrosse
Assessment of the reliability of fish consumption as an indicator of reef fish catches in small Pacific islands: the example of Ouvea Island in New Caledonia

J. Claudet, D. Pelletier
Marine protected areas and artificial reefs: A review of the interactions between management and scientific studies

Marion Amand, D. Pelletier, J. Ferraris, M. Kulbicki
A step toward the definition of ecological indicators of the impact of fishing in the Abore reef reserve (New Caledonia)

Y.-M. Bozec, D. Gascuel, M. Kulbicki
Trophic model of lagoonal communities in a large open atoll (Uvea, New Caledonia)

M.Laurans, D. Gascuel, E. Chassot, D. Thiam
Changes in the trophic structure of fish demersal communities in West Africa in the three last decades