Séminaire AMEDEE 2018 n°3
jeudi 15 novembre 2018, AGROCAMPUS OUEST, Rennes

Olivier Le Pape
The interest of survey-based juvenile abundance for advice in stock assessment of coastal nursery-dependent species

Nans Burgarella
Biais lié à l’utilisation des sondeurs multifaisceaux

Pierre Yves Hernvann
1985-2015: an Ecospace Odyssey - temporal and spatial dynamics of trophic functioning in the Celtic Sea

Hubert Du Pontavice
EcoTroph: A tool for simulating unexploited biomass and production at the global scale

Mathieu Genu
Hake trawlers spatial management in the Gulf of Lions: science-fishermen modelling efforts for realistic scenarios

Auriane Jones
Effects of green tides on the functioning of sandy beach ecosystems from a flatfish perspective